Friday, June 1, 2012

This Plucker has moved!

 I have moved my blog to Wordpress- you can reach it at

This blog won't be updated anymore, but if you subscribe via RSS, or read through Facebook, etc you should seamlessly be moved to the new blog.

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Thank you for your patience.

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Tingle your Spine for under a buck

The folks at Snubnose Press have lowered all their e-book prices to 99 cents for the month of June. That includes Spinetingler Magazine's Winter 2011 edition, which includes my story "Two to Tango."
The polarizing story of a county judge who gives a rapist a lenient sentence and is confronted by the victim, this is the only place to read it. And for a buck, you get stories by Patricia Abbott,  Mike Miner, Albert Tucher, and Court Merrigan and more:


Black Light Marker by Sam Wiebe
Two to Tango by Thomas Pluck
Boss by Dan Luft
Paul Little Learns the Art of Prison Sink Voodoo by Aaron Philip Clark
Under the Tree of Life S. M. Harding


A Straight Face by Court Merrigan
Breaking and Entering by Mike Miner
Lambs of God by Patti Abbott
Two and a Half Miles by WD County
The Last Hit by Liam Sweeny
Grind by Chad Haskins
Showtime by Albert Tucher
Cosmo in the Mourning by Gary Clifton
Moonshine by Seth Sherwood


In the Mouths of Insects by Shelly Wass
A Puppet’s Soul by Joseph Swope
Jessie’s Toothbrush by Michael Spohr

© 2012 Thomas Pluck
I post on Twitter as TommySalami ~ My Facebook Page

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