Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"Come Home," by Chappo

And the song stuck in my head this week is... "Come Home," by Chappo:  

Full disclosure: Sarah went to high school with Alex Chappo in Baton Rouge, and we met him and Caitlynn at a wedding on Saturday, but I really dig this song. And I think you will too. They have a new album coming out May 14th. The songs on this LP remind me of Psychic TV, Spiritualized, and MGMT, all bands I really enjoy, but they have their own wistful and mysterious cheer.

Here is the EP with this song:

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Amanda Dissinger said...

Been a fan of Chappo for a while. Looking forward to hearing “moonwater” on the 15th- “come home” is so catchy!

Macky Paige said...

Can't wait to hear the new record! aMy 15th can't come soon enough.

Thomas Pluck said...

Are you going to the release party?

Kevin Corcoran Jr said...

this band is definitely on the rising. a couple of my friends were talking about them the other day and i was told if i like black keys that i would love this band... and I do! Can't wait for their new album in two weeks... AHHHH the suspense is killing me

Alex said...

Very cool video. Pretty stoked to hear Moonwater in a couple weeks.

Dave Manville said...

Really like this song, definitely interested to hear the rest of the album. I feel like this band is going to blow up this summer

Thomas Pluck said...

I think you're right!

Thomas Pluck said...

Me too!

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