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Spinetingler Awards

Spinetingler has announced its nominees for this year's awards, and I'm glad to see many of my favorite writers receive well-deserved nominations. Not to leave anyone out, but some books getting the attention they deserve include The Bitch by Les Edgerton, Josh Stallings' Beautiful, Naked & Dead, Frank Bill's Crimes in Southern Indiana, Johnny Shaw's Dove Season, Donald Ray Pollock's The Devil All the Time, and Megan Abbott's The End of Everything.

I nominated more, like Matthew McBride's incredible debut Frank Sinatra in a Blender, and I still don't know how that didn't make it. I haven't read all the nominees, but they had better be astounding to knock Matt out of the running.

I've crowed about how great my buddy Josh's two novels are many, many times... but here it comes again. I read them before I met him, and I sought him out because he writes like James Crumley with anger displacing the sense of loss that master infused in his work. A much deserved nomination.

I'm also very happy to see Sabrina Ogden, Sandra Seamans, Elizabeth White, Heath Lowrance, and Patti Abbott nominated for the David Thompson Community Leader award. They are pillars of the online crime fiction community, and give the genre a boost when it often can spin its wheels going over the same muddy ground. It's a very tough choice to choose just one of them.

I'm not nominated specifically- I was hoping to get a nomination for best short story on the web, but there is some very tough competition and I'm happy for all the writers who did make it. Matt Funk, David James Keaton, Court Merrigan, Nigel Bird, Peter Farris, Hilary Davidson... I hope one of you knocked me out of contention. That would be a death with honor.

Several publications I've been a part of are nominated, so please vote early and often:

Beat to a Pulp: Hardboiled AND Off the Record are both nominated for best short story anthology. My stories "Black-Eyed Susan" and "Free Bird" appear in them, respectively:
Beat to a Pulp: Hardboiled
Off the Record

Pulp Modern, Beat to a Pulp, Shotgun Honey, Needle, Noir Nation, and Crimefactory are all up for Best Zine (hey, no Plots With Guns?) and I my stories have or will appear in all six of those... and Plots with Guns, who I think is criminally underrated, no pun intended.
"Legacy of Brutality" in Pulp Modern
"A Glutton for Punishment" in Beat to a Pulp
"Faggot," "Shogun Honey," and "The Last Sacrament" in Shotgun Honey
"Tiger Mother" in Noir Nation #2
"Lefty" in Crimefactory #10
"Gumbo Weather" in the next issue of Needle

I'm proud as a Proudfoot to have stories in these excellent zines, and I'm glad the ballot's secret. I have no idea how to choose just one.

And don't forget that Spinetingler just released their first Kindle issue, and my story "Two to Tango" is included. If that story doesn't affect you, I'm handing in my gloves.

Please take the time to vote. We writers can be little attention leeches, but even the champs love to hear when they throw a good punch, and you readers have the good seats. We can't always tell from inside the ring.


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Les Edgerton said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Tom! I thought for sure you'd be in here also, but like you say, there's some tough competition out there! Had to be tough to be there instead of your work!

I'm still working on the short story for your anthology in case you thought I forgot! Not! They're just tough to write.

David Cranmer said...

Lots of great talent to be mingled about with. Just glad to be nominated as they say.

Thomas Pluck said...

Same here, you did a great job collecting that Hardboiled collection. It's making waves.

Thomas Pluck said...

You've got until July, I figure you can write five words a day and have a 20 page story... but a short one is just fine. :)
I'm new, my first story was published just under a year ago, and I'll thrilled to be where I am.
I'm real glad The Bitch is getting its due.

Josh Stallings said...

Tom, damn, I too am surprised not to see McBride's novel on the list. He kicks ass, hard. And no Pluck? what the fuck? Tough crowd. Thank you for believing in me and Moses. I'm stunned that this little self pubbed novel has gotten so much attention. I think we are on the cusp of a real democratization of literature. I'm proud to stand beside you in these revolutionary times. I continue to be amazed by your out put of both quantity and high level of quality of writing. And you blog. And you edit. Are you a crack fiend? Thanks again. Now stop reading this and get back to writing.

Thomas Pluck said...

Thanks, Josh. You put your heart on the page and I try to do the same. I was hoping Out There Bad would get the nom, I think you raised the bar real high with that one, and I'm confident you'll do so again with Mo's third hellish adventure.

The crime fiction community- readers, writers, editors and reviewers- have all been very friendly and kind to me, and I'm happy I got as much recognition as I already have. The Spinetinglers are tough, and that's what makes you, Les and others breaking into them such a great thing.

Don't worry, I'm not one to rest on my laurels. I'm finishing up a thriller that I think will make a big splash sometime soon. You'll get a taste in the next issue of Needle, when "Gumbo Weather" is published. That's sort of a sequel to the novel, but doesn't spoil any secrets.

I do ride myself pretty hard, but the only crack I'm fiendish about appears when my wife wears a snug bra. I've got hard-working writers like you to remind me I can always try harder.

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