Thursday, March 22, 2012

Song in my Head this Week: Wreckless Eric

My wife and I disagree on what makes good music, sometimes. I turned her on to the Black Keys and the Flaming Lips, and she hooked me on the Fratellis and the Roots. She prefers classically trained singers who can really belt it out, who sound the same on stage as in the studio, like Muse for example.

I lean more towards singer-songwriters who can often write better than they can sing, but give everything they've got. Warren Zevon, Tom Waits, Janis, and... Wreckless Eric. His song "The Whole Wide World" has been covered numerous times by better singers than he, but I like the balls-out, barely coherent original. When Eric warbles and growls that he'll go the whole wide world to find the girl meant for him, you know damn well he will, and he won't stop walking after 500 miles. No, he'll crawl on his belly in the sand and the grit like a leopard-skin Terminator, until the girl crushes him in an industrial press.

Not a bad song at all to have stuck in your head. Eric also wrote "Be Stiff," which was covered later by Devo. This album's a lost gem of pure energy, and I urge you to seek it out.

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PaulDBrazill said...

I agree!

Wrecklesseric said...

thanks for thinking of me. Just thought I ought to mention though that after something like forty years of groups, recordings and gigs I can sing the arse off just about anyone. And nobody has ever sung Whole wide world better than me! (I don't have a publicist so I have to blow my own trumpet.)

Peter D said...

I first heard the original of that song on that 4-CD late punk/early new wave boxed set my sister gave me. It's great stuff, and W.E. really fits in this box in my head with Nick Lowe/early Joe Jackson/Elvis Costello/Dave Edmunds/Modern Lovers all mixed up together.

Thomas Pluck said...

Eric, I meant no disrespect. I love your debut album. And I hope to see you play sometime. I feel like an idiot, you played at Maxwell's on March 3rd and I missed it!!

Wreckless Eric said...

Don't worry - I didn't take it as disrespect, just wanted to say that I've got better over the years. I'm actually really flattered that you picked me out, but I've got my reputation as a curmudgeon to think about. Shame you missed the Maxwell's show but we'll be round again soon - we only live up the road now!

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