Friday, March 9, 2012

The Hunger Games

I can see why this is so popular, and I enjoyed it very much. Excellent protagonist who is very sure of herself in some ways and not in others; Katniss Everdeen makes for good company, and I've always been a fan of YA dystopias (back in my day, the Tripods books by John Christopher were awesome).
It's a thriller through and through, and once the games begin it ramps up again and again. Collins learned from Spillane to sell the next book with the last page. I'm very eager to read book two, but I have many more in my TBR pile and I'll wait for the next movie's release before I spend an afternoon reading it.

Collins paints characters well, though don't expect more than archetype for those on the sidelines. This lives up to the hype and I look forward to seeing the post-apocalyptic world fleshed out in the rest of the trilogy. I enjoyed this more than many recent thrillers written for adults, and while some are iffy on questioning government authority when they agree with who is in power, it is always a good subject for readers of any age.

Highly recommended.

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Aa2579 said...

Looking forward to the movie.

David Cranmer said...

I've been eyeing this and you have convinced me.

Thomas Pluck said...

Me too, I hope they do it justice.

Thomas Pluck said...

It's not bad at all, and the post-apocalyptic Appalachian setting should be incredible...

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