Saturday, December 17, 2011

I never said I was an artist

 I work for a company that is big into giving back, and this year we helped several NYC schools. My project, with 70 others, was to pair murals and paintings for PS 196 in Williamsburg, which is very old and in need of update and repair. But being New York, there's no money for it. Kids have to suffer so investment bankers can hire NYPD police as their own private army...

We repainted their mascot images on the walls, and also filled many canvases with colorful and educational messages to brighten up the old institution. Here are the two I did:

The top one is from "If You Bring a Mouse to School." A coworker named Ed drew the art in pencil and I was the "tracer" who colored it all in. I'm proud to help the school and if I can help just one kid snicker at an old man's terrible artistic skills, I feel I have improved the world in one small way.

If anyone wants book covers painted by me, I work cheap.

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I am so proud to know you work for such a great company!

Wendy Russ said...

These are great paintings! How wonderful that your company is giving back. Merry Christmas!

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