Friday, September 23, 2011

Three Sentences for Chuck W

Chuck Wendig the Pen Monkey has issued a three sentence story challenge on his blog. He offers up excellent writing advice free of charge. It is also collected and expanded for a Kindle-pittance, so if you want the funniest yet helpful writing on writing out there, pick up his Pen Monkey e-books:
Confessions of a Freelance Penmonkey, 250 Things a You Should Know About Writing, and Revenge of the Penmonkey.
He also has a collection called Irregular Creatures (not about incontinent chimeras) and a zombie huntin' vampire bad-ass novel coming out soon called DOUBLE DEAD.

Chuck chose mine among four other greats to shower with PenMonkey "glory," and gifted me a postcard and a copy of 250 Things... which is awesome, because I go back and read his "25 Things" blog posts all the time to help kick my ass into writing gear.

My entry:

I Love You Period...

He laughed after he'd put a perfect crimson period in the forehead of my wife with his comically small pistol, beat me with it before fleeing with her purse.
I hunted the man who stole my heart, my life, for so long I thought the second bullet hole, in his neck, would be the final punctuation mark in one long run on sentence of justice crossing rivers, borders and highways.
The sentence has only begun, with twenty years of rape and beatings inside this animal prison making me wish I'd put one final bloody red dot in my own temple, and found closure with an ellipsis.


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