Saturday, September 24, 2011

PROTECT acknowledges our work

Thanks to the hard work of Fiona Johnson, Ron Earl Phillips, and everyone who contributed stories to the Lost  Children Flash Fiction Challenge- our donations have been recognized.

(Direct link to their website)

Thomas Pluck and Fiona Johnson - Flash Fiction Friday
Thursday, 22 September 2011 09:00
Thomas Pluck, a writer and long-time PROTECT supporter, and his friend Fiona Johnson have teamed up to do a fundraiser for PROTECT, Scotland's Children 1st and Living Water for Girls. We give them both our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for their efforts.

We invite you to visit Flash Fiction Friday to read some of the stories submitted. For Pluck's interview with Fiona Johnson, click here: "Checking in with The Lost Children Challenge," Fictionaut Blog, a literary community for adventurous readers and writers.

If you would like to visit Pluck's website, click here.

And, stay tuned for news about an e-book anthology, the second part of their fundraising efforts, with the proceeds going to PROTECT and Children 1st.


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