Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Lost Children Challenge Stories

44 entries. Wow. A huge response.

The Stories for the Flash Fiction Friday Lost Children Challenge

Includes stories by Fiona Johnson (who came up with the topic), Paul D. Brazill, Chad Rohrbacher, Ron Earl Phillips, Lynn Beighley, Luca Veste, David Barber, J.P. Reese, Erin Zulkoski, Benoit Lelievre, James Lloyd David, Jane Hammons, Susan Tepper, Nicolette Wong, Gill Hoff, MaryAnne Kolton, Seamus Bellamy, Susan Gibb, Sam Rasnake, Larry Strattner, Linda Simoni-Wastila, Erin Mitchell, Paula Pahnke, JF Juzwik, Robert Vaughan, Roberto C. Garcia, Darryl Price, Stephen Hastings-King, Ingrid Hardy, Ian Watson and many more, including myself.

So that's $220 I owe. I sent $150 to PROTECT and the rest will go to Living Water for Girls. Fiona is donating her half to Children 1st.

You can donate on your own, if you missed out writing a story. Or we are considering publishing an e-book with all proceeds going to the three mentioned charities, if we can get enough of the writers on board.

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Ben said...

That was fun to do. Hopefully we can keep writing for the kids and do more projects with a purpose like this one. Count me in anytime

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