Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Harlan responds... again!

Don't write him? Methinks Mr. Ellison doth protest too much...

I mentioned my 25-year old letter on his website Ellison Webderland in the guestbook, and Harlan Ellison graciously responds yet again. He likes the name of my website, even. He wouldn't be sarcastic, would he? He even mentions a blog post where I compared his novella Mefisto in Onyx to the 90's Denzel Washington supernatural thriller Fallen, which has a very similar premise:

HARLAN ELLISON- Sunday, August 28 2011 20:44:43THOMAS PLUCK

So Tom Pluck is this guy who wrote me a lettter that I answered politely (yet snarkily) back in '82 or something like that; and today I see Jan's post about Mr. Pluck's site (the title of which "And Pluck You, too!" I think is admirable, simply admirable) and it's a nice piece, but at the end it also says:
If you liked the preceding, you will also like...
And there's something called
So. If anyone gets to Pluck, would you ask him to drop over here and kindly tell me:
What the pluck is "Fallen Vs. Ellison's MEFISTO IN ONYX" since I know the latter, but have no idea how it cohabits with the former.
Yr. Pal, Harlan

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Ben said...

lol, this guy's brutal. I think he feels his superiority threatened. Good job!

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