Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Out There Bad

Out There BadOut There Bad by Josh Stallings

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More from the king of bad-ass. I enjoyed Stallings' first novel, Beautiful, Naked & Dead but the sequel tops it in every way. Moses McGuire is in more trouble, has more firepower, more friends, and a lot more on the line. Stallings always takes us places no one would walk alone, but this time he goes further and shows us the naked truth of strip club life. Ex-con Marine Mo McGuire drags us kicking and screaming to the dark side and pays back the scum who've hurt his friends. This is one you won't be putting down until it's done.

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Disclaimer: I'm friends with Josh on twitter, but this book really impressed me. His first, Beautiful Naked & Dead, was a balls-out thrill ride, but in this one he's raised the bar considerably. Moses McGuire fleshes out beyond a bad-ass and goes places we never expect the hero of a suspense novel to go. Josh makes a moral stand that makes me compare him admirably to my hero Andrew Vachss, and does it with art and panache. I told readers to get in on the ground floor when I read his first book, that he is going places, and less than a year later Josh is there, and climbing higher.

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Paul D. Brazill said...

A cracking book.

Josh Stallings said...

Thanks Thomas, we writers struggle in the dark pounding out pages and it means the world when a fellow writer sits up and takes notice.

McDroll said...

I agree with everything you say but also it was Josh's writing that led us to him on twitter before we discovered what a great guy and wonderful friend he is.

If you haven't tried Josh's books yet then go to it now. You will not be disappointed.

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