Tuesday, July 5, 2011

good press!

I got my first review today... at least one that wasn't in the comments section. R. Thomas Brown is a writer who also reviews pulp and crime fiction on his blog here. Today he reviewed "Bless her Heart," my short story of roses and revenge that appeared on Thrillers, Killers 'n Chillers last week (link is to the right, if you missed it).
Check out Mr. Brown's blog, he's been reviewing the Beat to a Pulp Round One collection and the Collateral Damage e-book by the writers of Do Some Damage. If you've been on the fence about either, he'll give you the skinny on each individual story. He also writes stories of his own: Amazon author page.
If you read the review, you'll see he doesn't pull any punches... he says whatever the pluck he wants!
I'm glad he liked the story, I didn't get as many comments as I hoped from, TKnC's large readership, who might have not realized how chilling old ladies can be.

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