Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ten Patty Pluck

My favorite burger chain is Elevation Burger. They have all the pro's of fast fresh burger chains like Five Guys and Smashburger, plus they use free range, organic beef, natural cheddar cheese, and fries cooked in olive oil. And they don't cost any more than 5 Guys. And I think they taste better.

They also have what they call the Vertigo Burger, with up to ten patties. Eat it and you get a free t-shirt. My cousin Pete and I decided to tackle this challenge one evening after we both made personal records weightlifting the deadlift. Mine was 6x 470lbs. I think his was 400lbs, and he only weighs like 155, so that's something. I'm around 250 so I'm not quite at his level compared to bodyweight, though I have lifted 535lbs once.

Anyway enough about beefcake and back to the beef. A ten patty cheeseburger costs $24 and has 30oz of free range beef and 10 slices of cheese. I ditched the cheese. Next time I'd get a few slices. Pete had 10 slices and it looked like a cheese volcano. Was it worth it? I must say I was sated. I doubt I'll tackle it again. A double is pretty damn good, five in a row is a bit much. But I like the t-shirt. And before you ask, my total cholesterol is 130, blood pressure 117/71 last time I checked.

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