Thursday, June 9, 2011

Forty Plucking Years

I turned forty years old today. This Plucker was born in 1971. About a year before the last of the great '70s muscle cars rolled out of Detroit to hunt the highways.

Stuff I did last year.

  1. I convinced my firecracker, the sassy, sharp and beautiful Sarah Bennett, to marry me and take my name. I think the name part took some major diplomatic maneuvering. But little pluckers will carry this cursed surname into the eons. We had a wonderful wedding with many of our close friends and family in attendance, at the LSU faculty club in Baton Rouge, in roaring distance of Mike the Tiger.
  2. I asked President Obama a sort of bitchy question on NPR
  3. I fired off a tommy gun with my groomsmen.
  4. Got my first paid publication since 2003, with "Punk Dad Manifesto" in The Morning News. It's since been picked up by The Utne Reader and will appear in print in their July/August issue.
  5. I finished the Vertigo Challenge at Elevation Burger:
  6. Got my first fiction published since 2003, at Shotgun Honey, with "The Last Sacrament." Also had my friend David Barber show me the ropes of proper submission form, and he published my story "Van Candy" over at the excellent Flash Fiction Offensive website. I have a few upcoming pubs in the excellent Beat to a Pulp on July 10th, Crimefactory Magazine, and hopefully Crimespree Magazine- waiting on a rewrite request. Also made a lot of online friends in the writing community.
  7. I deadlifted 535 pounds.
  8. Interviewed myself at Nigel Bird's blog Sea Minor for his Dancing With Myself feature.
  9. Got accepted to ride on the Star-Ledger's Munchmobile. I'm going on the sub sandwich tour this upcoming weekend. It will appear in the paper on June 24th, and I'll definitely share a link here.
  10. I completed a (horrid) first draft of a novel. A learning experience, for National Novel Writing Month. I'm currently rewriting it, sort of; using the characters I created as a springboard for the story that rose from the ashes. I'm hoping to have it done by November in time for the Mystery Writer's of America first novel contest. We shall see.
Probably a bunch of stuff I'm forgetting. Right now my wife and my writing are top in my mind, so apologies. But knocking on wood, it's been a great year and I see it getting better. This weekend I ride the Munchmobile with the state newspaper, looking for the best sandwiches in New Jersey. Tall order. I've made a lot of new friends, met some of them like Lynn and Raquel.

After listening to Henry Rollins talk about how he springboarded from Black Flag to Hollywood, my friend Suzanne said she believes 99% of success is showing up. I'm inclined to agree. Well, here I am. Rock you like a hurricane.
Opportunity knocks, you better answer.

© 2011 Thomas Pluck


David Cranmer said...

Happy birthday and welcome to the old of the young. Looks like you're just getting started.

Thomas Pluck said...

Thanks David. Talk about arrested development. I didn't write since 1997, but I collected story material the whole time... thus begins the deluge.

Raquelle said...

Happy Birthday my friend. And cool beans for asking Obama a bitchy question. Tres cool. And congrats again on your nuptials. It was awesome meeting you.

David Barber said...

#7. That's some wallet you're carrying round! LOL!

I'm more than sure better things are on the horizon, buddy! Have a great Birthday!

Suzanne Dell'Orto said...

Happy birthday! Keep showing up...same time next year!

Rick "The Hat" Bman said...

Dude, Happy Birthday. I turned 30 today. June 9 is a good day for birthdays.

Ben said...

535 is a lot of weight man. Congrats! Don't worry about the first draft. It's supposed to be horrid, I guess. I don't know anybody who wrote a good one.

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