Monday, April 25, 2011

Aim High

Harlan Coben, thriller writer extraordinaire and Livingston New Jersey native, is on twitter: @harlancoben

I was feeling a bit glum, working on the revision of my novel, when he mentioned his excellent novel Tell No One  was #2 on Amazon UK. It was my introduction to his work and still is one of the best. It gave me a burst of enthusiasm. I replied to him, "That's still one of my favorites. A great novel. I'm revising my own. You take Livingston, I'm taking Montclair."

Ballsy. Out of character for me, really. But I've been riding high on it ever since. He didn't reply, but I've written four or five stories since then, including one, "Legacy of Brutality," which three good friends, good writers all, were amazed by. It's currently under review at a well regarded online magazine. I thought about picking an easier target, one with a higher acceptance rate and a blessedly quick response time, but I decided to aim high. And it feels good.

In other good news, "The Last Sacrament" will be appearing in Shotgun Honey next month. Ten more tales are waiting for reply. My novel is percolating in the background like a pot of gumbo, developing character.

Aim high. A thousand rejection slips are only fuel for the fire, to get your pot simmering.

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Lysdexic Writer said...

You are in the creative flow and running with it. Good to see, gives me a boost to get Moses 2 finished and out there. Keep pounding keys.

Alex said...

You are awesome and totally motivating. Maybe one of these days I'll submit my art to something.

Thomas Pluck said...

4 more will be published in the next few months. Aim high. Have balls. Just keep some ice handy for when you get kicked in them...

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