Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Weapons of Mass Distraction

The distraction I want to talk about before I got distracted is the so-called "Ground Zero Mosque." For one, it's the equivalent of a YMCA. The neighborhood it is planned to be in has a strip club next door, which somehow doesn't sully the memory of those who were murdered on 9/11. There's a mosque four blocks away that's been there since before the World Trade Center was built; welcome to New York City, it is a multicultural city, and there are plenty of American Muslims who don't go around blowing people up, just like there are plenty of Christians who don't shoot abortion doctors, blow up the Federal building in Oklahoma, build compounds in Texas and shoot FBI agents. Our country was founded on the principle of freedom of religion, and peopled with those England expelled for being ... well, too radical. The cultural center, or "mosque" as the hatemongering politicians are calling it, will not even be in view of Ground Zero. Firecracker worked next door to the building this is going in; you can't see the strip club from Ground Zero, either. You can see the Chapel of St. Paul the Apostle, where George Washington prayed before embarking on the war that would free us from England's monarchic and religious tyranny. It survived the towers crashing down, and it will survive another mosque being a few blocks away. But the principles he fought for after leaving that chapel are under assault every day, from within. As we give in to the politics of fear.

The "mosque" is a weapon of mass distraction, it is Congress flashing shiny things at us so we forget that they denied health care to 9/11 First Responders just weeks after giving themselves $4,500 yearly raises during the greatest economic crisis since the Depression. As Jon Stewart succinctly put it, I GIVE UP.

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I was working in Manhattan on 9/11, thankfully in mid-town. Even more thankfully, my bus never made it to the city that day. I grew up with the downtown skyline visible from my street, and when I was commuting there on the bus, the island burning like a cigarette in the mouth of a man before a firing squad greeted me every morning and every night. It made my stomach churn and heartburn filled my chest, for years after. And yet, I WANT a mosque there. I want Lady Liberty giving a defiant middle finger to Al Qaeda and everyone who fights their losing battle of ideas through violence against the innocent. I want them to tremble with the realization that our freedom and tolerance makes us stronger than their fear, lies and hatred can ever make their suicidal stooges. What better to stun them with, to swat them away like so many petulant gnats, than to show them that even when they slaughter 2800 of us and topple the greatest monuments to our economic might, that WE WILL STAND FAST AND NOT GIVE IN TO HATRED.

Now that would have the Saudis, the Wahhabists, al Qaeda and all our enemies trembling in their shit-caked boots. Our fear and hatred only makes them stronger.

© 2010 Tommy Salami


Suzanne said...

Two blocks in Manhattan is's like 3 Starbucks away from Ground Zero! Maybe while "they" are busy banning this mosque, a law could be passed that guests of the hotel across the street from the WTC shouldn't be allowed to f*ck in their's hallowed ground!

Darius Whiteplume said...

Those congressmen, ave Wiener, were the most reprehensible thing I have seen in a long time.

And Dana Perino can suck it.

Peter said...

But if the law-abiding moderate Islamic citizens of our country get the full protection of our Constitution, the terrorists have already won!

firecracker said...

if the Muslims want the abandoned Burlington that has been rotting there for at least 6 years that I worked next to it then let them have it. I wanna go swimming!


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