Friday, August 27, 2010

more equal than others

What the hell is America coming to when the 14th Amendment is under attack, the one granting all citizens equal protection under the law? For one, why did it need to be written at all, when the preamble to the Constitution affirms that all men are created equal, and denies the government the right to deny us life, liberty or the pursuit of happiness? Well, because when the wise Founders wrote those revolutionary words (pun intended), the term "men" meant white, property owning males. So we had to clarify things a little.
The same political party that was discussing removing the native-born clause from the Presidential requirements just a few years ago when Arnold Schwarzenegger was hailed as the next actor-in-chief suddenly embraced it when the Hawaiian guy got in. And now, too many Hispanics are entering the country, so we want to make it so people born here are only Americans if they have names ending in a consonant that isn't "z." What differentiates America from let's say, France and Denmark, two social democracies that are having problems with their immigrant populations rioting, is that here they have a path to citizenship, however full of bureaucratic pylons it may be. In those countries, you can be second or third generation, and not a citizen. Essentially you are permanent second-class workers kept around for cheap labor. And while the term "un-American" gets bandied about too often, I can't think of anything less American than essentially pissing on the plaque on the Statue of Liberty that says her lamp stands beside the golden door.

Both sides of my family came to America in the 20th century, and struggled to make something of themselves. From Ireland and Italy, they were welcomed by "No Irish Need Apply" and school teachers who wouldn't waste time on them, because they were "just going to be another ditch-digging guinea." They became truck drivers, construction workers, fashion designers, store managers, and they put their children through college. Now that we got ours, we want to close the door to the richest and most prosperous country, one that thrives on new blood joining us to create new businesses, whether they be grocery markets, landscapers, or convenience stores. And we're doing it during a period when our taxes are lower than any time since the early '80s. We cry about the deficit, which is only inflated because of two wars and a $700 billion tax cut on the richest segment. I'm sorry if you make over $500,000 a year and can't make it, but tighten your shell Cordovan belt a little and suck it up- you paid higher taxes under the Almighty Reagan, and get ready to do it again.

Let's face it, this is just racial gerrymandering; one of the political parties doesn't like that the latest wave of immigrants to this country, legal or otherwise, tend to vote for the other guy because they don't like being demonized. Instead of becoming a more inclusive party and actually campaigning for smaller government- something they haven't truly done since the days of Teddy Roosevelt- they want to alter one of the most important Amendments to the Constitution, one that differentiates us from the so-called Socialist Democracies they seem to hate so much. This will create a permanent underclass or slave generation of people who come here to work, but are treated like second-class citizens for multiple generations. Does that sound like America to you?

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Darius Whiteplume said...

Re: Taxes - If you made your fortune in this country, it is because of this country that you could either make it or keep it. Anyone making $500k a year is also someone who has other income the Fed can't get their hands on. Suck it up. Maybe the government should handle taxes like a certain fictitious organization that deals mainly in waste management and cigarette machines [nod, wink, finger to nose]. "Hey, you're doing pretty good there. You're earning. Remember, I get my taste." It is amazing what can be accomplished with a simple baseball bat.

Re: Immigration - People need to realize that this is purely a WASP issue. It has always been. "Those foreigners with their stinky food." Ugh! Garlic! People don't like to think of us as becoming fascists, or comparing us to Nazi Germany, but we are already singling out Mexicans and Muslims. That is a racial group and a religious group. Compare that to Jews and Catholics and it is starting to look like 1936. Oh, and don't forget the leftist. The German Bolsheviks came next. I don't like to cry wolf, but when you have people saying it is their right to come armed to a Presidential address, and Muslim cabbies are getting stabbed in NYC, it starts to look like the Sturmabteilung (the S.A.) are out in force. Those people should remember what happened to the S.A. after the Nazi's came to power - they were purged.

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