Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It takes a big man to cry

... but it takes an even bigger man to laugh at that man.

The immortal words of Jack Handey, I was reminded of them recently when I started blubbering like a little bitch while watching that De Niro tear-jerker, Everybody's Fine. We of Italian descent are an emotional people, but I prefer to blame the Native Americans, for that crying Indian in the anti-pollution commercial in the '70s. However, he was played by Iron Eyes Cody, who turned out to be of Sicilian ancestry, so maybe it is an Italian thing.

Ever since my father died, I've gotten teary-eyed from anything with some sort of paternal redemption, or heaven help me, that emotional musical upswing. The Iron Giant's "You stay. I go. No following." turns me into Old Faithful. I can't watch Field of Dreams when anyone else is around. Even stupid movies get me. And it's completely beyond my control. I don't get upset at all, my eyes just start leaking like an excited puppy on an expensive carpet. If I was that self-conscious, it would be embarrassing.

Thankfully I do have limits. Sloth & Chunk might get a tear or two, but I still don't find myself moved by Indy and Short Round. That would be unacceptable. So, what movies make you cry like a fat kid who dropped his ice cream?

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Darius Whiteplume said...

The Way We Were. Every time.

Hey. You're unblocked. Of course, so was Samurai Frog, until I went there. :-\

Andy said...

I lost it at the end of Big Fish.

Suzanne Dell'Orto said...

Oh, Truly Madly Deeply where Alan Rickman dies and lives on as a "ghost" watching his fiancee get on with her life. One scene has him ghost-playing the cello along with her playing the piano alone crying because she misses him.

I can cry just thinking about that movie. I cried ejecting the movie, putting it back in the wrapper, and the whole 9 blocks back to the video store.

Jim said...

Wow, I never figured you for a Field of Dreams guy. Doesn't that have sports in it? That one gets to me too for similar reasons. In my case I always think of my younger brother who passed away at 14. The last time I'd spoken to him in person we were at odds about something so there was always that guilt that we parted on bad terms. He loved basketball, so when I watch Field of Dreams I find myself imagining my brother shooting free throws and me asking 'Hey Tom... Want to shoot some hoops?'

Anyway, Field of Dreams, Big Fish, and Iron Giant are all on my list. A recent addition? The first five minutes of 'Up'.

firecracker said...

hallmark commercials.

and Steel Magnolias.

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