Sunday, February 21, 2010

What I've Been Up To

I haven't posted a lot lately, I've been watching movies but had a lot on my mind. I'm now engaged to be married to the gal I call "Firecracker" here; her name is Sarah and she's made the past 3 years of my life the cornucopia of awesome that it's been. She's got a clever sense of humor, and her smile is like the sun. You know in Swamp Thing, how the sun healed him because he was like a plant-dude? Like that. And she likes steak. What a woman.

I've also changed my diet so there will be fewer entries in the best burger contest, but they won't disappear. I want to compete in an amateur grappling competition, so my training has amped up a bit, and I want to shed these last tenacious 30 pounds, so I can live my childhood dream of growing up to be the Hulk. I recently read Lou Ferrigno's autobiography My Incredible Life as the Hulk, and it inspired me. He overcame a lot to achieve his goals, and I'm going to apply that to mine- to get in shape to compete, and to begin writing one of the novels I've been tossing around in my head for the last few years.

I have a post put together reviewing the movies I've watched in the last few weeks and that will go up in a day or two, and then you'll be titillated with an entry in the Arnold Project, an '80s trash with Marty Feldman, and a tribute to the king of the modern ape chase movie. Stay tuned!

Oh, I also gave up beer for Lent. Boy, was that stupid.

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invadermilk said...

Why did you give up beer! The 3 of us could have celebrated this momentous occasion by getting our MBAs!

Raquelle said...


And kudos to you for going healthy and giving up beer for lent. :-)

firecracker said...

yay. im like the sun. ;)


Rob L. said...

It doesn't matter what you do. Harlan Ellison still hates you.

Suzanne Dell'Orto said...

We are so in love with the two of you! We hope you get married and move next door. Congratulations!

Tommy Salami said...

That's touching and creepy at the same time :)
Can I wear a cape?

Danielle said...

That's it!! I'm digging out the picture of you as the Hulk (when mom used that green make-up on a stick to "turn" you) and you're ready to "Hulk Smash!!" the table... Just so everyone knows that you REEEEALLY did want to be the Hulk... (and probably still do!) And yes, She is like the sun... I think I'll call her Sunny Southern Sarah from now on! (nice alliteration, eh?)

Kaese Klan said...

Congratulations to you and Firecracker. I'm looking forward to the pictures of the it going to be a theme wedding?

Reel Whore said...

Congrats & good luck on the training regiment!

Neil Fulwood said...

Congrats on the impending nuptials. Good luck with diet regime.

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