Sunday, January 17, 2010

Worst hot dog I've ever had

Sonic has been teasing New Jersey for years with commercials, when the nearest one was in Ocean County or Pennsylvania. Now they're popping up in north Jersey like flies, and sadly most of their food is as appetizing as same. Face it- they're all about the ice cream, sugar-laden gut bombs, some of which are 2,000 calories. After a hike I decided a hot dog wouldn't be so bad, but Sonic's foot long Coney with chili & cheese was like eating a condom full of bologna. Their chili cheese sauce is decent but was better on their tater tots. I've had burgers here before, and they are nothing to write home about. I do remember the food being better at the Louisiana locations, but in Jersey there are plenty of better options. Chili dog? Go to Hiram's Roadstand. You won't have the gimmick of being served on rollerblades, but you'll enjoy the food. Even the aging Stewart's in North Arlington, which still serves trays curbside, has better food than this and it's sort of forgettable.

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