Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ibby's Falafel

Delicious, creamy hummus; crunchy, light falafel; smooth, rich baba ghanoush. These are the treasures that await you at Ibby's Falafel in Jersey City, near Grove Street. It's a small joint, but worth the wait. If you're used to grease-soaked gut bombs of falafel sitting in your stomach like lead sinkers, these are the real deal. Fresh made and not overcooked, they have a crunchy shell on the outside and the inside is the fresh nutty flavor of ground chickpeas. Their portions aren't enormous and the prices are a little higher than I expected for platters, but it's the best I've had in a long time, so I say it's worth it. On the cheap, you can get it in a pita instead; they're only $3! Their spinach pies are quite good as well. Everything is full of flavor and it's a pleasure to eat here.

I went vegetarian for this meal, but they have shwarma and kebab as well. They have a location in Freehold for you central Jerseyans, too.

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