Sunday, January 10, 2010

Biscuits & Sausage Gravy

If you've been down South, hopefully you've experienced the delight that is biscuits with sausage gravy. When you order it up north, usually is lacking in the sausage. In fact, even Cracker Barrell calls it "sawmill gravy," which is mostly flour and water with some grease for flavor. When I make this breakfast, I do it right.
Start with a pound of ground sausage, brown it, add 1/3 cup flour, stir in 2 cups milk- 1/2 cup at a time- and stir until it's as thick as you like it. This serves 4 hungry men, or 8 dainty ladies. Season with Tony Chachere's Creole seasoning and black pepper! It's that easy. Oh wait, you say. How do you make biscuits? Well, here's my quick-n-easy biscuit recipe: Go get them at Popeye's chicken. you have to be one hell of a cook to do much better.
I prefer to use venison sausage when it's available, but the deer were wily this year, so I grabbed some fresh-ground pork breakfast sausage at Whole Foods seasoned with sage. You can use the frozen logs of ground pork sausage found in the freezer section- thawed first- or even open sausage casings, but that will take a lot of little sausages. Ask your meat department or butcher if they have ground breakfast sausage. Or buy a meat grinder- I'm tempted- and make your own from pork belly!


firecracker said...

really really good! especially those biscuits. love your recipe. ;)

Ivan said...

That looks good--perfect to go along with my homemade chicken-fried steak!

And for awesomeness like this, you've been awarded:


Cindy said...

Thanks for using our seasoning in your recipe and your blogs!

Cindy Adams-Ardoin
Food Scientist
Tony Chachere's

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