Wednesday, October 14, 2009

when you don't have electricity, make Whoopee

Whoopee pies are one of the great gifts the Amish have given us. Firecracker and her sister discovered them when they lived briefly in Lancaster, and on my road trip to Gettysburg I was tasked with bringing them back to civilization. It was nearly 3 hours away, but I assure they were worth it. If you're an old fart like me, you remember when Hostess's Devil Dogs didn't taste like chocolate-scented foam rubber with shaving cream inside it. A devil's food whoopie pie tastes like the best Devil Dog you've ever had.
They also make pumpkin pie flavor, which is moist and delicately spiced, which sounds like I'm writing erotic fiction. Something the Amish probably disapprove of, even during Rumspringa. Another favorite is a chocolate chip cookie whoopie- two cookies made into a cream filling sammich! Yes, they are pure evil. I recommend Hershey Farms for your whoopies. They have a bakery and gift shop with pies and other goods.


Raquelle said...

I like how you incorporated "Amish" and "erotic fiction" in one post.

Whoopee pies!

Andy said...

Yes, that particular combination of terms should lead to some interesting keyword search hits.

You'll be pleased to hear that you can't swing a dead cat around our neck of the woods in Massachusetts without hitting a whoopie pie - stop in at just about any gas station and you'll find pretty good pre-wrapped whoopie pies from regional bakeries, and most of the grocery store bakeries around here make them too.

Definitely a weakness of mine.

firecracker said...

never buy them from Whole Foods. Dryed out crap. Like an Amish woman.

Tommy Salami said...

That's why I love this girl, because she says stuff like that.

Danielle said...

They were the yummiest yum-yums ever. You should go get more. Right now. Ya know, on your way back from the Falls. It's right on the way. By the way, see if you can locate my boyfriend.. he lives in the Niagara Falls area.

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