Thursday, October 8, 2009

sometimes only an Irish pub will do

For the tail end of Septober, Milky and I took the Mini Cooper to Gettysburg and beyond. You've already read about Hillbilly Hotdogs, haven't you? It was the best meal of the trip. But before the hotdoggery, we stopped for victuals and libations at one Garryowen's Irish Pub on the main drag of Gettysburg, and had a great lunch with fresh beer. That's the "Blue Meanie" next to a memorial of col. Doubleday, who fought in the Civil War and also invented a little sport called baseball.
We also spotted the Nanner Puss's car on the way. We tried to stop at the Red Rabbit Drive-In for eats, but they were closed except for weekends, so we were denied our Bunny Burger! Luckily I always look up Irish pubs in towns I visit for precisely this reason. If you're surrounded by chains and franchises, they usually have good food and beer. And Garryowen's serves up a fine pint of Guinness and one of the best corned beef Reubens I've ever had.
That's Milky and his Black Angus burger. Not huge but satisfying and tasty. Good fries too. The Reuben is below, full of tender tasty meat and lots of flavor. Now I've had the Carnegie's and Katz's, and Garryowen's beats one of them. (It's impossible to beat Katz's, sorry). That's mighty impressive. Sure Carnegie will have enough meat to choke a goat, but if it's flavor you want, Katz's is where it's atzes. Unless you're in Gettysburg. Then you go here, and you will not be disappointed one bit.
They have live music most nights, but not the night we were there. I wish we'd gone here for dinner as well, the brewpub we went to was decent but forgettable. So when you visit our national battlefield monument, honor all the Irish immigrants who fought in the Civil War with a pint of Guinness and some bangers & mash at Garryowen's.

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