Tuesday, September 1, 2009

is North Jersey pizza all the same?

Not when it's from Michael's Pastaria in Nutley. They mix in Asiago cheese, which gives their pies a distinct flavor and makes them stand out from the rest. Their sauce is the perfect mix of tomato acidity and sweetness, and I believe I noticed grated Parmesano Reggiano.
Their margherita pizzette- small pizza, get it?- seemed the same size as a large, and you can see the cheese atop the fresh basil. This one also has fresh mozzarella slices, versus the shredded on the plain pie. This was my favorite. Pizza lives and dies by the crust and this was crisp and yielding to a tender chewiness. No crunch from being overcooked. Another fine standout pizza in Nutley to go along with Ralph's- which tastes like home made- and Queen Margerita's brick oven pies.


Keith said...

Man, you've really got me wanting a pizza right about now.

Jay Amabile said...

OMG...I need to get up to Nutley ASAP!!!

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