Monday, September 14, 2009

In Copenhagen, too much is just enough

Another blast from the past, this was a delicious decadent monstrosity of a burger I had in Copenhagen with my friend Sonny the Viking. It just goes to show you that America doesn't have the insane burger market cornered, not one bit. This biggie was topped with a fried egg, curry sauce, and caviar. I think with the exchange rate it was $12, or 3836 kröner. The thick cut fries in the background were well spiced and charred to tasty crispness. The place was called Sporjeven and their website has few words in English, but "probably the best burger in town" is right there. And while I didn't sample many- we had fried eel, doner kebab, and sushi- I'd say this was one of the most memorable burgers in my worldly travels. I think it was the Karryburger but I like typing Hvidløgsburger, so I'm calling it that (even though that's a garlic burger).
Sonny overlooking a platter of fried eels (from his hovercraft)

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Klidmosteren said...

WTF! Is that Sonny Windstrup? My husband knows him. It's a small world :-D

Tommy Salami said...

Yup :)

It is a small world!!

I can't wait to visit Kobenhavn again.
Mani tak!

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