Tuesday, September 22, 2009

hot dogs wrapped in bacon

At AFS, where I train in the deadly arts of Bando to use my mighty belly as a hammer to crush my foes, a fellow maniac said my blog made him hungry all the time, and asked: "Are you a chef?" My response? "No, I'm just a fatass!"
But I can cook well. Hot dogs wrapped in bacon isn't the toughest thing to do, so for the cooking impaired I'll show you how to make 'em. I made some for Milky and I when we watched Crank, and two filled us to the gills with delicious. First, wrap your hot dogs in bacon. I considered holding them with toothpicks but the cooking oil would burn them, but if you have small metal skewers they might help hold the bacon on.
Put some canola or grapeseed oil in a deep skillet or pan. I only used 1/2 an inch of oil, and turned the dogs over with tongs. If you have a deep fryer it would be easier, but with patience this will work. Heat the oil on high until it shimmers and a little piece of bacon fat starts to fry in it. Then lower the heat to med-low and CAREFULLY put your hot dogs in. Tongs will help here. A metal spatula will work.

Remember the first rule of cookery: Don't cook bacon when you're naked!! It splatters oil all over the place. Like on your balls. Or even your ovaries. It will take a few minutes per side to crisp up the bacon. There's a lot of moisture in bacon and it will splatter a lot. I have a fryer guard screen to cover the pan.
While your dogs are frying, toast your buns in the toaster and then put cheese on first. It's much less messy that way, and the bun will melt it some. I use Land O' Lakes White American cheese, because they put crack in it. That enhances the flavors. Lay out your condiments ahead of time. We had dill relish, crushed pineapple, Zatarain's Creole mustard, Sriracha Hot Sauce (also known as "the Cock"), Habanero chile sauce, chopped roasted green chiles, Vlasic Stacker sliced pickles, Hormel Chili, Mango Salsa, Tabasco Reserve, Sour Cream, Diced jalapenos, Banana pepper rings, and ketchup. What, no sauerkraut? Nope. I don't like it with bacon. It gets things all soggy. If you like it, squeeze it out in some paper towels.
To flip the dogs, I used dogs- about 3-4 minutes after they went in, and only the very top of the bacon wasn't cooked. So it only took another minute or two to crisp up. Deliver them right to the buns, and make your own wacky combinations.
My favorite was diced jalapenos, banana pepper rings, sour cream, mango salsa, crushed pineapple, roasted green chiles, and creole mustard. A bit spicy, but the sour cream & pineapple cools it off. I made a chili-cheese dog with Hormel canned chili, and will never use that again. It's tasteless and gave me the poops something fierce. There are other canned chilis out there, or make your own. We also regretted the lack of Nathan's Hot Dog Onions, which A&P did not have. For shame, A&P! Milky called his the Hot Pepper Rollercoaster. We called them all delicious.
For the record, I used Boar's Head natural casing hot dogs and bacon, gifted from my pal Brian the Meat Man. Fine products that I will use again. The dogs had some good flavor and snap, and the bacon had good smoky flavor. We used Martin's Potato Hot Dog Buns, soft with a bit of sweet. They toast very well.
We had them with Dogfish Head Punkin Ale, my favorite of the autumn seasonal pumpkin beers. It balances the firm full flavor of a brown ale with real pumpkin pie flavor. I've had pumpkinier beers, like Southern Tier, but Punkin Ale is more drinkable, and doesn't overpower other foods. I also had a Southhampton Alt Bier, which is a decent example of the variety. A little too malty, but the only bottled Alt I've had. When Abita Select was an Altbier, it was my favorite, but they aren't making it any more.


Jule said...

I adore the Punkin Ale.. deeeelicious! The hot dogs look incredible.. Milky has been telling me about Crif Dogs for months now and sadly I haven't been yet. When my stomach can tolerate spicy things again I'm gonna make him take me (or just hang out with you dudes when you make crazy hot dogs again)

Raquelle said...

Wow! Bacon-wrapped hot dogs. You are very adventurous. I'm intrigued by these and I think I'll make them myself. I might broil them in the oven instead of frying them in oil though, because I'm scared of the splashing oil (not that I cook naked or anything).

You have quite an arsenal of condiments! I agree about Hormel Chili. I think it's total crap. I'd rather make my own or go to the local barbecue place and get some of their baked beans or something.

Tommy Salami said...

We spent $20 on condiments before doing this. We went a little crazy. I've cooked bacon in the microwave with great success, but the broiler might burn it. I'm told you can crisp bacon in the oven, so maybe do it without direct flame. I hope you post about it on your food blog!

The toppings are key, though. Hot & sweet are a terrific combo with the salty bacon. I'd definitely recommend jalapenos, and either mango salsa or pineapple. It sounds odd if you haven't tried it, but it's no different than pineapple on baked ham.

invadermilk said...

Yay I blinked in the last pic, but the dogs were delicious. We must do it again or journey to criff dogs.

luigi van pucci said...

Try bacon wrapped chicken cutlets (sliced to the size of hot dogs)...mm mmm good eatin'!

firecracker said...

sour cream and avocado. the way Crif intended it. And you gotta get the Hormel with the beans! and add Tony's to it. :)

Mythical Monkey said...

Mmm, bacon-wrapped hotdogs. Sounds tasty. Reminds me of the baloney-wrapped foot-long hotdogs I used to get at Loeb's in D.C., back in my carefree youth.

These days I am reminded of a line from Billy Wilder's The Apartment:

"When you make out your will -- and the way you're going, you should -- would you mind leaving your body to the University?"

Slow down, kid!

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