Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bánh mì, bon ami

I've longed for the Vietnamese sandwich known as the Bánh mì. I've heard foodies wax orgasmic about them, and had to try one. How good can a sandwich be? This good.
Okay, maybe this is a sandwish, but when they are this good you can deal with a little Engrish. Mangez Avec Moi on Church Street near Ground Zero is tucked in an unassuming little storefront with stripes, and for $6 they'll serve you a sandwich made of chicken satay, pork chop, Vietnamese ham, or turkey with pickled carrots and daikon radish, fish sauce, some jalapenos, cucumbers and mayo on a special baguette made of wheat and rice flour. This gives it a lighter taste and crunch, which goes well with the snappy veggies and tangy meat within. Light, delicious, and unique, the Bánh mì is worth hunting down. This place is just convenient to me, and does it well.
As you can see it's not humongous or overflowing, but it's easy to eat on the run. We took ours to Battery Park and watched the ferries roll in, and the koi jump in the nearby pond. The shop also sells various Vietnamese snacks like shrimp chips, summer rolls, candies and everyone's favorite spice, Sriracha Cock Sauce. The ham was very good, next time I try the pork chop. We got there after 6pm and they had run out of a few like chicken satay.
The storefront. Easy to miss. There's also a sit-down joint next door.

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Raquelle said...

Vietnamese sandwiches are nom nom nom-licious! You need to come to Chinatown next time you are in Boston. The sandwiches there are only $3!

firecracker said...

its on W. Broadway not Church. ;)

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