Sunday, September 13, 2009

8 on the Break - oldest video game arcade?

MJ on the DDR!

8 on the Break is "the oldest continually open arcade" according to its website, running since 1973. Located in Dunellen, New Jersey just off Route 22- for my money, the most annoying highway in America- it's open late and serves cheap food like $2.25 cheese steaks and deep fried Oreos so yo can burn off the calories stomping to Dance Dance Revolution.
Sadly their classic game stable is pretty slim. They have Bubble Bobble, and I saw a few dead cabinets of Mr.Do! and Ms. Pac-Man. But they have a great selection of music, shooting, fighting games, and head to head racing games, as well as pinball.
Here's Milky playing as Jack Bauer on the 24 pinball. I played the Universal Monsters one. I wish they had Terminator 2, but they do have a Simpsons machine. Unfortunately for real classic games you still have to hit the Shore. We were hoping for Turtles in Time, which we played on Xbox Live a few nights ago. Or the Simpsons arcade game, haven't played that in ages. It's a nice night spot and the food looks good- hard to go wrong with a $2 sandwich! They were out of fried Oreos. Next time I'll sneak a food review in, but it will be a while for me. The late '90s arcade games weren't my faves, and I suck at Bubble Bobble.

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Jay Amabile said...

this place sounds cool! I hate route 22 also. I try my best to avoid it whenever possible.

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