Tuesday, August 11, 2009

writing for the same paper as Roger Ebert...

Yep, Tommy Salami has made the Chicago Sun-Times. Sort of. Thanks to Raquelle of Out of the Past, I signed up for Blogburst, a service that lets media sites pore over your posts and choose some to share on their website. The Times chose my Hot Dog Tommy's review- possibly because they make a Chicago style dog- and a few others, namely my visit to Dogfish Head Brew Pub and my Hump Day post of Marion Cotillard. Now that was an odd choice, because now their site has bush.

Apparently they don't check things too well. Hopefully it won't stop them from selecting more; the Hot Dog post got 13,000 views on their website.


firecracker said...

my left boob got 13,000 views. :)

Raquelle said...

Yay! I can't believe you got 13,000 views. That's freegin amazing. I haven't gotten even remotely close to that on any of my posts.

I'm glad you joined BlogBurst and that your posts are being acknowledged.

Hey, it's Raquelle by the way! :-P

Tommy Salami said...

I'm sorry, I corrected the spelling and added the link to your blog, which I forgot to do as I hastily hit the post button last night.

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