Thursday, July 2, 2009

shameless Pucci promotion part deux

It looks like Lou Taylor Pucci's* viral apocalypse flick Carriers is set to release on September 4th. Live for Films has the trailer.

They also have trailers for his film Explicit Ills, described as:
In the harsh streets of Philadelphia, the lives of strangers intersect in a bold and moving semi-autobiographical tale that crosscuts between the many people (adults, teenagers, and children alike)who struggle in the face of poverty, drugs and the human connection.
That one is going straight to DVD and will be available on NetFlix next week.

Another straight to DVD distribution fuckup is The Horsemen starring Dennis Quaid as detective Aidan Breslin, who "already reeling from the shocking death of his wife, is destined for even darker days when he's tasked with investigating a series of grisly serial murders inspired by biblical prophecy." Hopefully this is more Seven than The Reaping. It's the first movie of Jonas Akerlund, a music video director, so distributors probably didn't want to chance it.

*Lou Taylor Pucci and Tommy Salami are owned by the same parent corporation, Big Pucci Balls, Inc.


firecracker said...

ha - nice disclaimer at the end. ;)

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