Thursday, July 30, 2009

movie blogger Voight-Kampff test

Dennis over at Sergio Leone and the Infield Fly Rule has a big ol' quiz for movie nerds that I decided to tackle. His blog is good readin's too.

1) Second-favorite Stanley Kubrick film.
2001. The Shining is tops.

2) Most significant/important/interesting trend in movies over the past decade, for good or evil.
Disney ride/video game structure, since Spielberg began it for Temple of Doom

3) Bronco Billy (Clint Eastwood) or Buffalo Bill Cody (Paul Newman)?
Bronco Billy. Haven't seen Newman in that yet, and I loved Bronco Billy as a kid, though I didn't know what it was about then.

4) Best Film of 1949.
The Third Man.
next: White Heat, third is She Wore a Yellow Ribbon

5) Joseph Tura (Jack Benny) or Oscar Jaffe (John Barrymore)?
Not sure, but I like Jack Benny so there.

6) Has the hand-held shaky-cam directorial style become a visual cliché?
In the right hands (Greengrass, Cuaron) it works. Too many directors use it as a lazy way to add realism now.

7) What was the first foreign-language film you ever saw?
Shogun Assassin.

8) Charlie Chan (Warner Oland) or Mr. Moto (Peter Lorre)?
Oof. I find Chan more offensive because he actually has an Asian cast for the small parts while he does yellow face in front of them. So, Lorre.

9) Favorite World War II drama (1950-1970).
Followed by The Story of G.I. Joe, Guadalcanal Diary, Mamma Roma and Hell in the Pacific.

10) Favorite animal movie star.
Clyde the Orangutan

11) Who or whatever is to blame, name an irresponsible moment in cinema.
William Friedkin injuring Ellen Burstyn's back by yanking her harness personally in The Exorcist.

12) Best Film of 1969.
The Wild Bunch.
Followed by Army of Shadows, Z, Midnight Cowboy, Easy Rider.

13) Name the last movie you saw theatrically, and also on DVD or Blu-ray.
Theatrically: Harry Potter 6.
DVD: Watchmen Director's Cut

14) Second-favorite Robert Altman film.
McCabe & Mrs. Miller is my #1, Long Goodbye is #3

15) What is your favorite independent outlet for reading about movies, either online or in print?
See the blog roll to the right.

16) Who wins? Angela Mao or Meiko Kaji? (Thanks, Peter!)
Meiko Kaji is yummy.

17) Mona Lisa Vito (Marisa Tomei) or Olive Neal (Jennifer Tilly)?
Oh, I blend baby! Mona Lisa all the way. She's a hot foomatza broad.

18) Favorite movie that features a carnival setting or sequence.
Strangers on a Train for the wrecked carousel sequence. Tod Browning's Freaks is a close second.

19) Best use of high-definition video on the big screen to date.
Michael Mann. Miami Vice is a neon painting.

20) Favorite movie that is equal parts genre film and a deconstruction or consideration of that same genre.
Funny Games (German version)
or The Long Goodbye if that's somehow disqualified

21) Best Film of 1979.
Such a tough year! So instrumental to my love of film. Gotta say Alien though Apocalypse Now and Being There are right up there.

22) Most realistic and/or sincere depiction of small-town life in the movies.
Anything by David Gordon Green- All the Real Girls.

23) Best horror movie creature (non-giant division).
The Thing (Carpenter)

24) Second-favorite Francis Ford Coppola film.
The Godfather Part 2. The first one is tops.

25) Name a one-off movie that could have produced a franchise you would have wanted to see.
Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins
The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World (may be happening, yay)

26) Favorite sequence from a Brian De Palma film.
I don't like DePalma all that much, I'll go with the Potemkin steps shootout scene in Untouchables

27) Favorite moment in three-strip Technicolor.
"The only barriers between us will be in your cold mercenary heart!" in The Quiet Man
Or pretty much anything The Archers ever did

28) Favorite Alan Smithee film. (Thanks, Peter!)
Hmm. Apparently The Twilight Zone movie has Smithee for the AD. If that doesn't count, Hellraiser: Bloodline isn't that awful.

29) Crash Davis (Kevin Costner) or Morris Buttermaker (Walter Matthau)?
Walter Matthau all the way.

30) Best post-Crimes and Misdemeanors Woody Allen film.
Mighty Aphrodite was pretty funny.

31) Best Film of 1999.
The Limey.

32) Favorite movie tag line.
Can't beat Alien's: "In space no one can hear you scream."
other faves:
When he said I do, he didn't say what he did. (True Lies)
You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll kiss three bucks goodbye (Hardware Wars)

33) Favorite B-movie western.
Terror in a Texas Town

34) Overall, the author best served by movie adaptations of her or his work.
Elmore Leonard.

35) Susan Vance (Katharine Hepburn) or Irene Bullock (Carole Lombard)?
Bony Kate all the way.

36) Favorite musical cameo in a non-musical movie.
Tom Jones singing "Are You Gonna Go My Way" in The Jerky Boys movie.

37) Bruno (the character, if you haven’t seen the movie, or the film, if you have): subversive satire or purveyor of stereotyping?
Subversive satire. Cohen likes getting away with as much as he can.

38) Five film folks, living or deceased, you would love to meet. (Thanks, Rick!)
I'd love to have dinner with Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, Humphrey Bogart, Madeline Kahn and Martin Scorsese.

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