Tuesday, July 14, 2009

it's a major award!

J.D. of the incomparable Radiator Heaven blog- where Kowalski, Michael Mann, and most recently the McKenzie brothers get their critical due with consistently compelling posts- has dubbed me a Great Read!

It's an honor, his blog inspired me to do a bit more than just make snarky posts on low-budget '80s nostalgia. I still appreciate some classic cheesecake, so I'm doubly honored. And here are the five I think are Great Reads!

The Action Flick Chick


Lazy Eye Theatre

This Distracted Globe

1416 and Counting


Joe Valdez said...

My last award was Outstanding Theatre Arts performer in the 8th grade. Sadly, a role on Mad TV eluded me. I hope the Good Read Award is a sign of better things to come. Thanks, Tommy!

Gilligan said...

Thanks, man... (choking back tears)... this is what dreams are made of.

Seriously, much appreciated. I'll be sure to send a little link love your way.

Action Flick Chick said...

I can only aspire to live up to this. Maybe someday I can fulfill my lifelong ambition of earning a Razzie.

Seriously, thanks.

PIPER said...

You rock Salaaaammmiii.

Thanks man. I appreciate it greatly.

In the immortal words of Dirk Diggler, I'll keep rockin if you keep rockin.

Alright, scratch that last quote.

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