Sunday, July 19, 2009

howdy folks

According to the Google, my readership has doubled in the last week. Most likely due to networking on Twitter and elsewhere. I just want to say welcome to the new readers, and thanks to the old standbys who've been with me for 18 months of loquacious blogging. I began with a movie review, and it slowly began to encompass searches for the best hot dog and the tastiest burger, travel blogs, brewery tours, and so on.

The first '80s Trash of the Week by name was Joy Sticks, a video game cash-in comedy; before that I reviewed The Last Starfighter as an application to DVD Verdict, who never got back to me. But I kept delving into my nostalgia for the '70s and '80s to share reviews of some lost gems, deservedly forgotten films, and beloved classics. I've blogged from Hawaii, Louisiana, and retro-actively shared visits to Ireland, Germany and Japan. I've made online friends from all over the globe, and read some terrific writers you'll find in the "movie blogs I love" column to the right.

What's the point of all this? I like to think that I love movies without being bedazzled by Hollywood at all. I've got a few screenplay ideas I've kicked around, but I've always preferred to be the outside observer. But then again, I think of Teddy Roosevelt's speech about "The Man in the Arena," that knowing defeat and the sting of battle is better than never having tried at all. Roger Ebert, the living critic I most admire, wrote Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, which some would consider an atrocity inflicted upon filmgoers; I think his criticism is the better for it. He knows what it's like to be in the arena, dodging the poo the monkeys are flinging. So when he says "I hated, hated, hated, hated this movie!" this isn't some armchair quarterback. He knows how it feels to be eviscerated in the movie press. I let people comment anonymously, and if you tear me a new one I won't delete it.

I make fun of a lot of movies, and I try not to fall for the hype or the vitriolic hyperbole the interwebs nerd reviewer is infamous for; I don't think The Dark Knight is the best movie ever made, or Daniel Day Lewis is the greatest living actor, or care enough about Transformers 2 to see it so I can talk about how bad it apparently is. Like Hitchcock, I believe that movie length should be in direct relation to the strength of the human bladder. I think movies, at their heart, are stories. And a good story makes you seriously consider wetting your pants rather than miss some of it. So I'll tell you if I got up to go pee. It means something.

A movie blogger should take the same pains to hold the audience's interest as a movie does. (Why do you think I save the boobies for the end?) I've posted very often lately, and almost every post has been big. I'm going to save the in-depth ones for once or twice a week. I watch a lot of movies, and I have something to say about most of them, but I'll try not to waste your time and mine by rambling for pages about some forgettable turd like The Haunting in Connecticut again.

So, thanks for reading, and I hope you stay awhile even if you only came to see Katie Mixon's boobs, or download a painstakingly captured screenshot from Porky's. Comments are welcome, especially if you have a suggestion for 80's Trash of the Week, or Hump Day (rust me, that gets tougher every week).

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