Tuesday, July 21, 2009

City Crab brunch

NYC is a brunching town. And City Crab, located a few blocks uptown from Union Square, does a fine brunch. It's no bargain, though during happy hour the cocktails are reduced, the oysters are a buck, and some of the beers and drinks are half price. It's some of the best seafood I've had in the city, and it's worth the extra price.
I had a half & half dozen of Fanny Bay and Pine's Cove oysters, west and east coast; the small westies were sweet and tart, almost fruity, with a briny finish. The pineys were big and meaty with a buttery flavor and a delicate briny liquor. Some of the best I've had lately, up there with Kumamoto oysters at Ebbett's Grill in D.C. The crab cakes in the Eggs DelMarVa- their take on eggs benedict with a crab cake- also gave D.C. a run for its money, which is surprising because Baltimore/D.C. is supposed to be crabtown. But these were perfectly spiced without overwhelming the crab flavor of the sweet shellfish. Great job on a brunch classic.

The Bloody Mary was one of the best I've had in the city- very spicy but not too heavy on the horseradish, not watery, not too thick. Previously I raved about Dinosaur Bar-B-Q's and the Brooklyn Alehouse's, but I like this better. The Alehouse uses too much horseradish for me, but if you love that, they make a great mix. Firecracker approved of their mimosas, champagne with just a splash of O.J. Beer selection is good: includes Hoegaarden, Long Hammer IPA, Blue Point Toasted Lager, but only the macros are half price.
Unlike Blockhead's Tex Mex, our fave brunch place for a budget, this ain't cheap eats, but it's worth it. The Eggs DelMarVa are $16 each, the drinks are on the high side but generous in portion. The oysters are great and at $1 per, are a NYC bargain if you come during the right time. They are open for Restaurant Week and the menu looks great- crabmeat gazpacho, lobster tails, crab cakes, key lime pie- so I'd say they are worth a try if you can't get into the trendy places you're dying to say you ate at.


Raquelle said...

Those crabcake eggs benedicts look heavenly!

Tommy Salami said...

They were :)
I'm looking forward to seeing your crab cake recipe!

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