Tuesday, June 9, 2009

would you say I have a plethora of piñatas?

Today El Guapo is ... 33 years old!

(That is accurate within standard range of error of +/-5 years.)

One of my favorite stupid comedies is ¡Three Amigos! starring Steve Martin, Chevy Chase and Martin Short. These are funny guys! Just kill one of them. But as you can see from my spontaneous quotery, El Guapo and El Jefe are the characters I love. Especially El Guapo's 40th birthday party, when they give him a sweater.

But the film has so many hilarious lines. If you've seen the movie, these will elicit laughter. If you have not, it's what, $5 on DVD? Get thee to an amazonnery!

1. "Excuse me. Are you the singing bush?"
2. "You want your wings, Dusty?"
3. "The lips would be fine."
4. "IN famous?"
5. "Hey. You guys. Lookupherelookupherelookuphere!"

And these doesn't even count the songs by Randy Newman, or many other hilarious gags, whether they are over the top and silly, or subtle, like the birthday scene at 5:45 in this clip:


Joseph said...

Yay for another 3 Amigos fan. :)

firecracker said...

i remember watching this with my church youth group in middle school. HA!

"we rape their horses and ride off on their women."

Peter said...

Are Amigos falling from the sky?

Si, El Guapo.

Happy Birthday Senor Pluck.

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