Thursday, June 18, 2009

i need a vacation...

Until next Monday I'll be vacationing in lovely Louisiana with my Southern belle the Firecracker at her plantation home of Longbourn. There we plan to attend her 10th reunion high society ball, go on a swamp tour, visit Abita Springs for the healing waters (and brewery), and keep on chooglin' down the river, whatever that means. I heard John Fogerty sing about it once.

You know that SOB is from California? Not Cajun at all. Anyhow, I usually blog ahead of time but it'll probably be spotty during this time. But rest assured that when I return, there'll be plenty of Greasy Spoons posts and probably a movie, since Mr. Bennett owns a movie theater. If we are not set upon by alligators, water moccasins, or exorcised by Bobby Jindal, I'll have plenty to entertain you once I get back to Pemberley, my Jersey estate.

There won't be an '80s Trash of the Week or an entry in The Arnold Schwarzenegger Project until I return, but I've got a bunch of content written for the next week: a visit to the Shake Shack, hype from The Expendables, looking back at The Sting and con man movies, a Father's Day retrospective about my Old Man. When I get back, I'll be busy working on reviews of Michael Mann's Thief, Larry McMurtry's Lonesome Dove mini-series, a look back at what we lost when Brandon Lee died making The Crow, and some entries in Counting Down the Zeroes- namely Mean Girls, Thumbsucker, Closer and The Station Agent. All movies I love, so I can't wait.


firecracker said...

Longbourn and Pemberley??

Very nice Mr. Darcy. ;)

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