Friday, June 26, 2009

Follow Friday 6/26

If you haven't noticed the little widget in the corner, you can follow my witty twitty twattering on twitter here. If it's not worthy of a loquacious post, it goes there.

some new blog followers!

Kate Gabrielle of Silents and Talkies, Flapper Doodle and more. In her film blog, she refuses to watch anything made after 1970- an audacious vow- but one that leaves a mother lode of cinematic enjoyment to be had.

Klidmosteren! A Danish food blogger. It looks yummy. Mani tak! That's all the Danish I remember from my last visit.

TalkieKing of All Talking! All Singing! All Dancing! Another fine classic film blog.

Scandyman of the naughty and titillating Scandy Factory blog, which I adore, and the prolific Celluloid Slammer where you'll find all sorts of film clips.

I have a feeling my rare classic film post on "Tales of Manhattan" nabbed me these follows, and I'm going to watch and review more older films now. I was once addicted to Turner Classic Movies and watched 66 films in 2 weeks during a rather pathetic period, so I've tried to cut down on it. I've been reading a lot more lately. I used to be good for a book or two a week, and my huge backlog demands that I get back to it.


Klidmosteren said...

Hi Tommy

Nice, I´m glad you like the look of my food.

'Klidmoster' loosely translates to 'Granola-aunt' and is a pet name I got because I cook with lots of chickpeas, lentils and other hippie foods :-)

If you come to Denmark again, swing by - I'll cook you a burger you will never forget!

Selv tak :-D

Jay Amabile said...

I wish I could read a book or 2 a week. That's awesome. I'm a terribly slow reader. My mind wanders and I wind up reading the same paragraph 3 times.

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