Saturday, April 4, 2009

Pluck You Too! is right-sizing

And the right size is an approximate 14% reduction in the post force. Sorry, I just don't have the time to post on weekends. And since most people read blogs at work, you should be least affected. There might be a spontaneous post, but work has gotten a lot busier since we "right sized" and I'm too damn tired to write pithy and pissy observations about movies, beer, hotdogs or even boobies 7 days a week.

To keep the high quality you have come to expect I am forced to shut down 2 out of 7 days so I can concentrate full-time on watching new movies, eating new gastronomic monstrosities, drinking more pinnacles of the brewmasters art, and ogling more bodacious ta-tas. I hope you'll understand.

In the coming month you can expect reviews of Shanghai soup dumplings, Freddy Got Fingered, Mongol, a spectacularly trashy 80's movie about a demonic heavy metal band who eat Big Pussy from the Sopranos, and more entries in The Arnold Project. I also have a project in store to review all the movies about Vikings that I can find, in hopes of finding a good one- but that may be put off for a while. I have quite a collection ready, but no time, no time.


Raquelle said...

You know you can always schedule posts for posting in the future. That's what I do sometimes if I want to get weekend readers (Sunday morning ones are prime!) but don't have time to write on that day.

Tommy Salami said...

I pre-blog a lot, I just don't have time for 7 posts a week this month. Or do I...

Raquelle said...

I don't know how you post every day! Especially since you have more than one blog.

If I tried to do that, I think I'd burn out quickly.

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