Monday, April 13, 2009

How movies stick with you.

I laughed out loud the other day during a news segment on CBS Sunday morning- I can't even remember what it was about, graffiti art I think- but it showed a guy with a laptop plastered with stickers, and one of them was this:
It's from Me & You & Everyone We Know, an indie from 2005 that got the Special Jury Prize at Sundance, but isn't your typical "Sundance movie. It's one of those hilarious and poignant movies about human relationships, and how we communicate. A young boy starts IM-ing with a stranger, who thinks he is a man; she is a professional woman desperate for companionship, and is intrigued by his childish messages., such as:
)) <> ((

"You poop into my butt hole and I poop into your butt hole... back and forth... forever."
Now, that sounds juvenile and disgusting, but it's to the movie's credit that when we finally get to it, it's vaguely disturbing and hilarious. The movie, which is slightly infused with "indie absurdism" but is otherwise excellent, was written by performance artist/writer Miranda July and is definitely worth your while. I hadn't thought about it in a few years, but seeing the sticker was both a subversive jab at network TV- they just unknowingly referenced pooping back 'n forth- and a reminder of a great cinema experience.

So, when has a movie memory made you laugh, think, smile or cry? I'm sure it happens all the time with movie lovers, when some obscure reference gets to you. Comment away.

PS- it's a damned travesty that this movie is out of print on DVD and you have to buy it with friggin' Garden State! argh!


Rob L. said...

I can get you a tape of the segment, if you'd like.

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