Thursday, April 23, 2009

fellow follows

New followers this week, welcome aboard- we've got:

Big Monster Cinema - There are many horror movie blogs out there, but I was immediately snagged when I saw reviews of The Wrestler, Flight of the Navigator and The Deer Hunter- good taste, and worth reading.

The Retroist - I love me some nostalgia and the Retroist deals it in spades with Atari 2600 games, cartoons, movies, old advertising... there's always something interesting to watch or read here, and he posts often.

Jay from The Sexy Armpit: A Whiff of New Jersey Pop Culture. Us Jersey guys have to stick together, and this is the best Jersey blog I've yet read. Whether he's reviewing the Toxic Avenger musical or digging up facts you'd never dream of, I've enjoyed reading this one for a while.

Good bloggers all, thanks for reading Pluck You, Too!


Big Monster Cinema said...

HI! Thanks for the kind words! Much Appreciated! You have a great site here! Loved the reviews. Straight forward and honest, the way they should be!

A new fan,


Jay Amabile said...

Tommy, thanks so much for that mention! It means alot! I thoroughly enjoy your one of the most entertaining around. And you're right, we Jersey guys should stick together! Hopefully we can assemble a brigade of awesome Jersey blogs.

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