Sunday, March 29, 2009

U Burger

I am constantly seeking a better burger than Five Guys, who are the bellwether for a "fast food" burger. And U Burger comes close. Unfortunately they are only in Boston, but if you're up that way they make a fine burger worth trying. They're on Commonwealth, walking distance from a nice set of bars.
U Burger's main strength over Five Guys is the pre-ordained topping selections. Five Guys has lots of toppings and they are all free, which is a bonus, but like Devo said- Free of choice is what you got, but freedom FROM choice is what you want, sometimes. Like when you're in a hurry. And U Burger offers some tempting combos. I had the All Star - a double swiss cheese burger with grilled mushrooms, jalapenos, BBQ sauce... and I added hot banana peppers, since Milky has been talking about them all the time. This was a spicy burger from the vaults of heaven.
They use a grill so they don't get the crispy char that Five Guys has, but they make a damn tasty burger with good quality meat. Never dry, but a solid beef flavor that tells you it's not too fatty nor too lean- just right. A soft Kaiser roll holds it all together soundly, keeping the many toppings in check. They have milkshakes and floats if you want one to wash it down- I opted for a birch beer. That's Malt vinegar next to the fries, crispy skin-on taters cooked just right. No Cajun seasoning like Five Guys, but these are quite good.
In fact, Five Guys is gonna be a hard sell in Boston near a U Burger. They'll be good competition, but the U's patties are bigger and the prices seem lower, at least compared with 5 Guys in NYC. I must say if they were right next to each other, I'd go for the U. Blasphemy I know, but they make a damn good burger!

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