Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Right America: Feeling Wronged- Some Voices from the Campaign Trail

During the 2008 Presidential Election campaign, Alexandra Pelosi followed the "Straight Talk Express" bus of the McCain campaign, and interviewed his supporters about why they would not vote for Obama. Pelosi's mom is Speaker of the House Nancy, so you need a huge grain of salt to take with Right America: Feeling Wronged- Some Voices from the Campaign Trail. The unwieldy title should instead be "hand-picked extreme right wing idiots we got to talk on camera."
She concentrates on the extreme people, because they are more entertaining. What's most depressing about the film is that the fear-mongering by talk radio and Fox News has been taken to heart, and that both sides aren't satisfied with disagreeing- they have to hate each other. The vehement Bush haters vs. the Obama=Osama people, who is worse? I would have liked a more balanced documentary, because I've seen plenty of unhinged types on the other side. Hell, she even finds a bunch of people saying they'll move to Canada if Obama is elected- remember all the people who said that when Bush was elected?
Crying over McCain's loss.

There is a great bitterness between middle America and the cities. They seem to think that their hard work runs the country, and that city folk are all the same. Just as the urbanite's stereotype of country folk is an uneducated redneck wearing a hunter's cap with ear flaps and a jaw full of chaw, they stereotype the city folk as wine-drinking atheists who want to ban guns and have free abortion clinics on every corner. Our media has failed us- both Fox News and MSNBC, by pitting us against each other and embracing the idiotic two-party system.

There's a woman going door to door for McCain support, and is shocked when her lesbian neighbors have an Obama-Biden sign. She goes to a group of black men, and has nothing to say when one asks her if she thinks McCain cares about black people. We see churches espousing political candidates- but only McCain. This is nothing new, and I'm sure inner city churches were urging folks to vote for Obama. The documentary does bring to light a lot of the fear and hate people have, but it has a definite agenda.
Most of the people seemed afraid that Obama would not protect us from terrorists. But let's face it, Democratic Presidents have gotten us into as many wars as Republican ones; I don't understand why people fall for the meme that they are all pacifists like Jimmy Carter. Vietnam- Democrat. Kosovo- Democrat. World War 2- Democrats. The Republicans used to be isolationists, when paleoconservatives ruled the party; now both parties embrace interventionism, whether the U.N. tags along or not.

The socialist mantra is repeated endlessly, due to Obama's gaffe of saying "spreading the wealth around" in a country that's been brainwashed to believe the middle class is the rich. The cognitive dissonance required to support a President who increased the size of government more than any Democrat, who sent "economic stimulus" checks to everyone, who increased Medicare more than any Democrat ever could, and then call the other side the socialist is astounding. In a country where both parties are for enlarging Federal power, there's no real choice.
Sarah Palin is lauded as "one of us," and her Katie Couric interview was decried as a hatchet job. A man at a NASCAR tailgate party is crying because "immigrants get everything" and you can't fly the Confederate flag without offending the blacks. She finds a guy who'll say that women shouldn't vote. In deep Mississippi at a truck stop she finds a guy who'll say "I ain't votin' for no nigger." But first there's an old fella who says "I ain't one of 'em, but they ain't ready for it here." And a few black guys who are pissed off that she's trying to paint Mississippi as racist: "What, they don't say 'nigger' up in New York?" I assure you, I heard some pretty racist crap from old hippie baby boomers up north about Obama, especially when he was running against Hilary. "If you think they're uppity now..." and so on.

If you want to see a biased look at the sports-team rivalry that passes as political discourse in America these days, or just get your dander up because people believe differently than you, Right America: Feeling Wronged might be worth watching on HBO. It's a Michael Savage-style rant from the left for a change, which doesn't make it any less a piece of shit.

Rating: Stinky

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