Sunday, March 15, 2009

Pluck Yew, Too?

Egosurfing - we all do it. Search for your name on Google, see what comes up. I was trying to see who linked to this website, when some weird stuff came back in the search results.

First thing was an image result of a 70's-era t-shirt iron-on of an angry chicken giving the finger, exclaiming "Pluck You, Too!" Of course I ordered one. I wish I could find a larger image, or the copyright holder, so I could use it for a new site button, or get a tattoo of it in my tramp stamp area.

More amusing was this site called Figwit Lives!, which is sort of like Wierzbowski Hunters for Lord of the Rings movie fans. Wierzbowski is the unseen Space Marine in Aliens that you hear Hicks hollering for. It sounds like "Where's Boesky?!" as if they're searching for the criminal junk bond salesman. If you watch the movie a thousand times, you can catch clips of unnamed Marines who might be Wierzbowski. Figwit is Legolas's gay elvish escort to Rivendell who smolders when Frodo is chosen to bear the ring. Apparently he has a few lines in Return of the King, telling Lady Arwen to point her titties White Ship-ward and get moving. But it's much better in Fellowship, when the camera pans to him like he's the dramatic gopher, silently judging Frodo. Why mention it? Someone on the site wrote a poem where Figwit mishears someone saying... "Pluck You, Too!" It makes no sense that I can tell.

Finally there's the urban legend about the middle finger being associated with "fuck you" because Welsh bowmen used it to pull their bows, and it was called "to pluck yew," since bows are made from yew... c'mon. It's an obvious joke, and an amusing "what if" of history. The finger when properly extended looks like a tiny cock 'n balls. Thus the fuck you. Duh.


pocketwatch fox said...

Yeah, I looked up myself on Google once. Turns out some jackass added me to the IMDB for some straight-to-video movie I was in as an extra!

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