Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Urban Lobster Shack

A lobster roll is simplicity- lobster, mayonnaise, roll. A New England classic, it's beginning to be appreciated elsewhere. If you spice it up or add fancy ingredients, you ruin the delicate lobster, but I'm sure we'll be seeing them with bacon or foie gras at some point. Where to get one in New York? Well, near Battery Park and the Financial District on Stone Street, I know just the place- the Urban Lobster Shack. No seats, just a walk-up window serving a short menu of lobster roll, crab roll or tuna roll, clam chowder or bisques, some chips, and a few bottled drinks. For $15 I got a lobster roll, New England clam chowder and a drink. Hard to beat!
This little unassuming storefront caught my eye as I walked past Nebraska steakhouse- a classic joint that makes kick-ass chili from filet mignon tips- looking for someplace other than my usual haunts in the area. Not far from The Burger Shoppe, they challenge the shoppe's recession special with their own $15 lunch. And depending on the mood you're in, it's definitely worth a try. The lobster roll was delicious- the buttery roll cradling a generous portion of fresh, delicate lobster tossed with creamy mayo. Their clam-crammed chowder was creamy and rich, and every spoonful had tasty bits of clam. The roll comes with a teensy dab of coleslaw, that would be my only improvement. The roll isn't gigantic, but with soup it is more than enough for lunch.

After reading their website, I found that the Shack is a downtown lunch location, and they have a larger restaurant in the East Village with a bigger menu. Definitely worth a try if you want New England style seafood- I'll be heading there soon.

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Raquelle said...

Oh, you cannot beat a good lobster roll! And that's such a good price for the roll & chowder.

I had a Lobster BLT once. While I love bacon, the salty crispiness took away from the tender sweetness of the lobster. Celery is a fresher alternative.

Hey, if you are up in the Boston area, try Summer Shack in Cambridge. They have a clam bake, which is basically a net steamed with lobster, clams, mussels, sausage, potatoes and an egg! So good.

tommy salami said...

thanks for the tip! definitely gonna hit up summer Shack & Junkyard dogs, and the Publick House- for beer & foodie decadence :)

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