Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cable Quickies: Black Sheep

The New Zealand one, not the Chris Farley one. Black Sheep is silly good fun horror- killer mutant sheep on a farm doing genetic experiments. It knows how silly it is, and I think the dry New Zealander sense of humor helps. It's no Flight of the Conchords, but it's more subtle than American goof horror usually is. The effects are excellent, the gore is plenty, and the movie is plain good fun for horror fans. Don't expect scares. They're sheep, stupid. I liked it.
The basic premise is genetic experimentation on a sheep factory farm gone awry- the sheep go carnivorous, and their bites turn you into a werelamb of New Zealand (baa-whooo!). There are the obvious jokes of the farmer who's a it too friendly with his herd, hippies vs. scientists, and for its short 90 minutes this is more fun than it ought to be. Good horror with lots of snickers.

Rating: Worthy

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