Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mike Judge plans 10-year Office Space reunion

And how I wish I could go. On February 8th in Austin, at the Paramount Theater at 8:00pm there will be a 10th Anniversary screening of the movie, with appearances by Mike Judge and some of the cast- Lumbergh, Michael Bolten and Samir, the obnoxious Chotchkie's waiter- have been confirmed, but sadly no news about Peter or Milton, who are still at large.

There will also be a small amount of VIP passes available that will include "a pre-event cocktail reception, a limited edition event souvenir, flair, an actual red Swingline stapler, and an after-party at Chotchkie's featuring pizza shooters, shrimp poppers and extreme fajitas!"
Someday Office Space will have its own festival like Lebowskifest.

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