Sunday, January 4, 2009

Filming Locations in The Wrestler

My stepfather recognized some of the locations in The Wrestler- notably Cheeques, the strip club Cassidy works in. The "butt cheeks" door logo is real, and behind the bar is the railroad bridge seen in the background when Randy makes a call from a payphone. The payphone doesn't really exist, and the inside of Cheeques is a different strip bar. Not to mention that you can't show boobies and have alcohol in a Jersey bar, only juice joints can have nudity.

Anyway, thanks to Swisschardo for sharing the photos here. When it comes to strip clubs, he's our "man on the street." Satin Dolls (The Bada-Bing in the Sopranos) is no longer the coolest strip joint in Jersey, now it's Cheeques.

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Bill said...

I just saw this movie yesterday, and recognized the exterior of Cheeques as having been that of the "go-go bar" formerly known as The Lindenier---back in the 70s when I worked in a warehouse across the street from it. It was quite fun to see it, as I haven't seen it since I moved to California in 1980.

And yeah, I used to go to the place. My favorite dancer there was named Cinammon.

Thomas Pluck said...

Yup, the movie really worked because they used down and dirty "real" locations.

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