Tuesday, December 16, 2008

favorite Christmas movie scene?

The Large Ass(ociation) of Movie Blogs has put forth a blogathon asking what our favorite scene from a holiday movie is, and for me, it will always be the phone call scene in A Christmas Story. It plays out like a cartoon, and brings us back to that time of lost innocence in childhood when we are first caught using swear words, and punished. Does this still even happen? Or do kids just get away with dropping f-bombs while the parents roll their eyes? Anyway, it's a great little scene- Ralphie accidentally rats out his friend Schwartz when asked where he heard the calamitous F dash dash dash word, and his Mom calls Schwartz's house to ensure he gets his. If you listen carefully, Schwartz's mom's side of the conversation always cracks me up.
Schwartz (Flick was the kid with his tongue frozen to the pole)

Ralphie's Mom: Do you know what Ralphie said? (whispers)

Schwartz's Mom: No! Not that!

Ralphie's Mom: And do you know where he heard it?

Schwartz's Mom: Probably from his father.

Ralphie's Mom: No, he heard it from your son!

Schwartz's Mom: What? WHAT? hmph! (sound of kid getting spanked)

Schwartz: Ow! What did I do Mom? I din't do nuthin'! Owwww!!

I don't know who voiced Schwartz's Mom on that phone call, but the inflection is pure genius. It has a cartoon-like quality and imagining what's going on at Schwartz's house is funnier in my head than I could ever picture on screen. So yeah, I guess a child getting beaten is my favorite Christmas movie scene. Therapy can't be too far away.

Here's the infamous "Oh, Fuuuudge" scene and a few minutes in we get the phone call.


Kent Gowran said...

A Christmas Story is just loaded with great scenes. Ralphie fighting back is a favorite scene, as well as the arrival/reveal of the major award.

The Apartment is another great one. I love it when C.C. Baxter finally stands up for himself and gives Shelldrake the key, then Shelldrake comes in and says it's the wrong key, and Baxter tells him no, it isn't.

Die Hard, of course. Every scene with Alan Rickman is a favorite. Hans rules!

It's A Wonderful Life. Gloria Grahame. Need I say more?

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