Tuesday, December 23, 2008

C gets acquitted

Lillo Brancato, best known as "C," the star of Robert De Niro's movie A Bronx Tale, has been acquitted of his role in the murder of a NYC police officer. The stupid little shit was burglarizing a home with an accomplice that he claims he did not know was armed; when an off-duty cop who lived next door investigated, he was shot and killed. Brancato was convicted of attempted burglary.
The murderer is serving life in prison. Brancato claims he was high and trying to "let himself in" to his drug dealer's apartment as he had in the past. So apparently he wouldn't even confess to burglary. I'm not sure how the jury believed him, because he's not that good an actor, either. His last stint was on "The Sopranos," as one of the mooks working at Tony's poker game; he was the guy sweeping the grated cheese from the floor in front of Silvio. Not exactly a great career, after De Niro handed him a choice starring role in his movie.
Maybe Lillo and "A.J." Robert Iler- another idiot who got probation for strongarm robbery- can take a lesson from Tony "Palue Walnuts" Sirico, who did time in the '70s for sticking up after hours clubs- to stay on the straight and narrow, and stick to acting. Then again, maybe for our sake, they should stick to crime.

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